HonestMum coming to Bump & Baby Expo 2019


HUGE NEWS: HonestMum at the Bump & Baby Expo 2019

We are delighted to announce that blogger, vlogger and #1 bestselling author of MumBoss®, Vicki Psarias from Honest Mum® will be joining us at the Bump & Baby Expo 2019!

Vicki Psarias founded HonestMum.com while on maternity leave with her first child Oliver now aged 8 in a bid to rediscover her confidence and voice after suffering a traumatic birth. Today, her frank honesty and unique insights on modern day parenting have become a godsend for parents across the country, making her blog one of the most popular in the process.

In her debut book Mumboss, released on the 3rd May 2018 Vicki encourages readers to embrace her manifesto, explaining how we can balance our work, our passions and our parenting. She addresses many of the insecurities mums feel about juggling work and family life, and how for many women the thought of returning to work in the same way post baby can seem impossible. Mumboss was written to inspire a new generation of parents with the confidence to thrive at work and home, and even gives a step by step guide on building your own business, with plenty of tips and tricks to succeed in both the real and digital worlds, allowing you to find the right balance in your life.

Mumboss includes:

  • Pre-Pregnancy: how to prepare to take time off of work
  • Post-baby blues and building confidence after having a baby
  • Deciding how/when to go back to work, tips on going back to work
  • How to build a business at home
  • How to overcome feeling a failure as a mum or in your career, if you choose to do both
  • How to continue to thrive in the mumboss way.

HonestMum.com is a hub for thoroughly modern parenting, a site where Vicki writes about the trials and tribulations of raising a family as well as what it means to be a working mum – or a #mumboss – in the digital age. She writes about everything from juggling work and family, to reclaiming your confidence and battling imposter syndrome to turning your passions into a business that suits the modern mum’s lifestyle. She is a blogging pioneer who has inspired many new parents to follow their passions in the digital world.

‘Vicki is one inspirational mumboss who shares her secrets to juggling a thriving business with raising a family in this entertaining and empowering read’

Una Healy, The Saturdays

‘Mumboss is a must-read for any woman looking to balance a career with motherhood. Packed with insights into building a strong digital brand delivered in Vicky’s typical down to earth style, the pages radiate her passion and enthusiasm for business and life. This is a woman who seriously knows her stuff. An inspirational and empowering read.’

Andrea Thompson, Acting Deputy Editor, Marie Claire

‘If ever there is a person who has shown just how successful you can be online whilst also being an amazing parent it is Vicki. Read, learn and follow. A brilliant book from an inspirational mother.’

Natasha Courtenay-Smith, author of The Million Dollar Blog

 ‘Accessible and inspirational, Vicki Psarias is a Mumboss who delivers candid, practical advice with authority and warmth’

Julia Bradbury, TV presenter

 ‘If you want to know anything about how to make it as a #mumboss, Vicki is your go to woman! In her true down-to-earth style, Vicki manages to combine practical tips and tricks with personal anecdotes to help you win at work and home. A must-read for all women wondering how to successfully navigate career and children.’

Nikki Cochrane, Co-Founder, Digital Mums

 ‘A fantastically honest read for all mums . . . inspiring’

Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art

‘I loved reading Mumboss. Just because we become a mama doesn’t mean we lose all our career goals.  This book is a must read for all mums trying to juggle life, work and kids. WE CAN DO THIS!!!’

Sarah Willingham, British entrepreneur

‘To any women that are wondering how on earth you are going to be you and a Mum all at the same time, this book offers reassuring, witty and practical tips to make the most of both your job and your baby. A must-read for the modern Mum; particularly one who has aspirations to build her own business. I wish I had been able to read it three years ago!’

Katie Massie-Taylor, Co-Founder, Mush

‘”You deserve to thrive” and that empowering statement sums up everything that I love about Vicki’s MUMBOSS. Full of practical advice for anyone ready to create a living on their own terms, this is a brilliant empowering book’

Jessica Huie MBE

 ‘A must-read book from the pioneering Vicki of Honest Mum, MUMBOSS is a blogging and vlogging handbook for budding and experienced bloggers alike. Brilliant’

Susanna Scott Co-Founder BritMums

‘Inspiring, motivating and a bloody good read. Mumboss is not just a blogger’s bible – it’s a confidence boosting kick up the backside for anyone wanting to juggle creativity, entrepreneurial-ism and parenthood.’

Sophie Lilley, Tried ‘N’ Tested


Vicki Psarias is an award-winning TV director and filmmaker and founder of HonestMum.com, one of the UK’s top parenting and lifestyle sites. She appears on TV and panels as an expert commentator and works as a consultant for major international brands. As well as her blog, Vicki has written for publications including Good To Know, Marie Claire UK, Grazia Daily, Time Out Leeds, Woman and The Huffington Post. Vicki won the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the Outstanding ‘Best of the Best’ Category in 2016 and also in the Social Media Category. Her film work was awarded the 4Talent Award for Best Director and she was also a finalist at the Red magazine Red Hot Women Awards.

Vicki regularly gives keynote speeches and contributes to discussion panels about blogging and running an honest lifestyle brand. She has spoken at The Advertising Internet Bureau for Mode, BritMums Live and founded a workshop Jessica Huie MBE entitled ‘Turning Passion into Pounds’ which launched in collaboration with Stylist magazine’s #Reclaimyourlunchbreak campaign and started its UK tour in April 2016 in collaboration with the British Library.