Yoga for Modern Life

Yoga for Modern Life



My friendly and welcoming pregnancy yoga classes and workshops are carefully designed to maintain movement, strengthen the body for labour and birth, bring physical relief for pregnancy ailments, help relaxation and sleep and to empower mums-to-be at this special time. A brilliant way to meet and connect with other pregnant women and many special and lasting friendships are made here. My classes are for everyone, all body shapes, all fitness levels (and non-fitness levels) and no previous yoga experience is required.

My Mum & Baby yoga classes are a welcoming space for mums to come and reconnect to their body and mind in a supportive and chilled space. It’s yoga for Mum, but baby comes too for some lovely time together breathing, moving and relaxing. The classes create a wonderful community atmosphere that provide emotional and physical support. They are friendly, fun and easy going classes taught in a safe and nurturing environment.

The main body of the class is created around gentle stretches and postures that release the regular parental tensions; sore neck, shoulders and back. We also gently re-engage with your core and the pelvic floor to help strengthen these important areas. The babies take part too with some nursery rhymes and songs, and then we end the class with a quiet relaxation time to nourish tired minds and allow you extra time to bond with your baby.

The yoga and relaxation will be followed by time for tea & biscuits, so you have time to chat and connect with other mums too.

My Baby Massage course are a wonderful way to connect to your baby through the power of loving touch.

This relaxed, nurturing and friendly class is in a lovely cosy room with small group sizes to ensure each everyone gets the most out of the classes. We don’t mind when you last slept or showered, just come along and let us look after you. You are welcome to feed, change and generally see to your baby’s needs throughout the class.

Baby Massage has so many wonderful benefits, and both mums and babies love it. It can improves circulation and alleviates colic, digestive problems, sleep problems, congestion in the chest and constipation. It’s also a wonderful way to soothe your baby and relieve emotional distress. It also encourages further bonding with your baby and enables you to further understand their needs. As well as being a lovely way to meet like-minded mums in a relaxing atmosphere.