Our Chosen Charity

The Bump & Baby Expo is delighted to support Action Medical Research for Children as our chosen charity, donating £1 for every ticket sold.


Action Medical Research for Children funds medical research to beat the diseases that devastate the lives of so many children. Originally founded in 1952 to successfully find a cure for polio, Action has continued saving and changing lives through medical research and has raised over £115m to fund some of the most amazing breakthroughs (some of which most attendees will have directly benefitted from!), including:

  • Discovering the importance of taking folic acid before and during pregnancy to prevent spinal bifida.
  • Developing the use of ultrasound technology in pregnancy.
  • Saving unborn babies from brain damage with new MRI scanning techniques.
  • Creating the Matrix Seating System to help support physically disabled children as they grow.
  • Testing the rubella vaccine.
  • Helping protect children from meningitis through the development of the HIB vaccine.
  • Pioneering a fetal heart monitor to wirelessly monitor a baby’s heart while still in the womb.

For more information on these and other case studies, including current research, visit the Action website www.action.org.uk